1963  Edmonton, Canada. Lives and works in Toronto, Canada

1989 - 1991: M.F.A., York University, Downsview, Ontario
1987 - 1988: Artist Residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta
1984 - 1987: Painting Diploma, Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, British Columbia

Selected Exhibitions:
2010: 'This is the place it is', 20plus3, Manchester, United Kingdom (two-person)
2008: 'Arizona Topaz/Topaz Brûlée', articule, Montréal, Quebec (solo)
2007: 'Record Jacket', Mercer Union, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (two-person)
2006: 'Chandelier', a Peregrine project, Melody Bar, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto (solo)
2005: Lesbian.mbox, edition of 24 (group)
2004: 'Beyond/In Western New York', Buffalo Arts Studio, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. (group)
2003: 'The Inaugural Stratford Sculpture Biennial', Gallery Stratford, Ontario (group)
'What's Love Got To Do With It', Market Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (group)
'Psychotopes', YYZ artists outlet, Toronto, Ontario (group)
2002: 'Sleeping With The Elephant', Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (group)
'TIAF Gala', Drake Hotel, One of ten hotel room installations (group)
2001: 'Featherweight', Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (group)
'The Look Of Love: King Kong Sees Faye Wray For The First TIme', The Balcony, Toronto (solo)
'Out Of Bounds: Working Off Paper', The Harriet and Charles Luckman Gallery, California State University, Los Angeles, U.S.A. (group)
2000: 'Logocity', Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Ontario (group)
1999: 'Whirligig', Gallery 44, Toronto, Ontario
1998: 'offsite@toronto' off\site (collective), Toronto (group)
1997: 'Love, Love, Love', Gallery TPW, Toronto (group)
1996: 'Blink', The Power Plant, Toronto (group)
'Limousine', Free Parking (collective), Toronto (group)
'Corinne Carlson and Larry Krone'. Or Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1995: 'Niche: Installations, interventions, performances, Install Art (collective), Guelph, Ontario (group)
'30 seconds + title', Art Gallery Of Ontario, Toronto (group)
'DYS', YYZ artists outlet, Toronto (group)
'Corinne Carlson: Arizona Topaz/Topaz Brûlée, The Loggia Gallery, Koffler Centre Of The Arts,
North York, Ontario (solo)
1994:'Malevolent Spirits' Genereux Grunwald Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1990: 'Sunny', Stride Gallery, Calgary, Alberta (solo)
1989: 'Pantings' [sic], Artspeak, Vancouver (solo)
'The Vancouver Exchange', Cold City Gallery, Toronto (group)
1988: 'Duality', Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Alberta (group)

Many of the works shown were produced with the support of:
The City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council
Ontario Arts Council
The Canada Council for the Arts